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Nowadays, even in finding the news, it is not necessary to read it through the newspaper. You can use your cellphone to search for news. You can even read it directly through the site or the news.
For example, if there is hot news, you can simply take advantage of the quota you have. Because that way, you will not miss the news at all. For example, writing various hot gossip about infotainment. How? Curious?

Detikcom is an application that can be said to be the most complete application site. Even this site also provides various kinds of information that you need. Starting from gadget information to the latest technology.
In fact, every news that is on Detikcom is always the latest and has many topics. Starting from the health rubric or DetikHealth, the hottest news or DetikHot and Detik News. Next there is automatic news or DetikOto and then there is culinary news or DetikFood.
Who is not familiar with Compass? Kompas is a news site that originally came from print media. And now it has been converted into an online portal called Kompas Online. Then in 2008 under PT Kompas Cyber ​​Media there were 2 links, namely or kompascom.

Not only on the website, you can still use it via mobile. Reading news in the Compass application is very complete so you will not lack news at all. In fact, there are many categories ranging from News, National News, Regional News and International News.

Don’t worry, you can access it for free starting from science news, education, sports news, economics, football, techno. Then there is entertainment, health, lifestyle news to property info. In addition, you can still access it via YouTube.

Liputan6 is believed to be one of the most read news sites for both Android and iPhone. In fact, this site is a daily news portal that has been registered with the Indonesian Press Council. If you have often read news from Liputan6, of course you already know the various categories. Starting from the News rubric, Pilkada, showbiz news, football news, photo news, video news. Then there is also news about fashion and beauty, lifestyle, automotive, property to technology.

CNN Indonesia
CNN Indonesia
is a very global television news media portal. CNN can be found through the website or application. The application is also quite sophisticated and always releases the hottest news from around the world.
The news features also vary from the latest news, national news, international news, financial news, football news to other news. In addition to the site, you can also install applications to your phone.

Viva is the fifth application that includes the best daily news portal today. The Viva application is also available on both Android and Iphone. Even the news uploaded by Viva is news covering national events.
So for those of you who want to read the news, you can read it directly on VIVA. Where there are a lot of features that are there. Starting from automotive news, digital news, showbiz news, sports news to lifestyle.
Now with the presence of several news portals above, hopefully it can add to the enthusiasm in reading news. Don’t forget to keep reading the news whenever you want. How? Already know? Don’t forget to stay healthy.