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List of the Best Current Application Source Sites

Now finding news is even easier because of more sophisticated technology. You don’t have to buy a newspaper to get the news or even read the news. You can even read the news over and over again. Whether it’s new news or old news, you can still read it again. So no need to worry if you want to read just open the browser or the application. How? Understand?

Feedly is an application that you can use to read news on your mobile. Make no mistake, the appearance is also attractive, making it easier for many people to read the news with just one application.
How to create an account is also easy enough to register using a Facebook account or a Google account though. Don’t forget to add which news site you want to read the news on. Then simply press the “follow” button.
If so, the news will automatically appear in the browser. Then you also have the same rights to be able to classify the news. Of course it is very easy, not in reading the news.

Greader is a news application on Android that is still popular today. This is because this application has many features that are liked by readers. With a minimalist appearance of course you can be more pampered when reading the news.
This application also provides various sources to favorite sites into the application. So you will find it easy to read the news. But if the free version still has ads while the pro version is ad-free.

Read news
Baca Berita or Babe is a domestic news reading application that contains various kinds of news. Starting from compass, merdeka, detik, liputan6 to various other Indonesian application news sites.
In addition to articles, Babe also provides content in the form of videos which are of course quality. So you can get information easily just by using Babe. Don’t forget to use your favorite Babe application.

Read – News and Videos
This application has similarities with Babe, Baca is a news portal application that has various articles from different sources. Starting from the source of detik, compass, liputan6 to several other articles.
The Baca application is a news portal application that provides various kinds of videos that are currently being hit. Even the Baca application comes with a variety of minimalist designs so that it can provide comfort to your eyes.

UC News is an application that offers the latest and greatest news. Even this app is super complete puj. Because there are various interesting news that you can find only in the UC News application.

Liputan6 is a very popular news application on Android. No wonder Liputan6 has also been broadcast on a private television station. But now it doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just enough to use a cellphone.

Line Today
Line users will certainly be familiar with Line Today. Line Today is a feature that makes it easy for you to read news for free. The trick is to open Line, then just select Line Today. Those are some sites that you can use to read news using only your cellphone. So, you can choose an application or site that you need in search of news.