Latest Application News Source Site Recommendations in 2021

6 Latest Application News Source Site Recommendations in 2021

With the presence of various news applications today, it certainly makes it easier for you to get news easily. In addition, you can add insight and read various news topics ranging from national to artist gossip.
Not only that, you are also allowed to read the news as you wish. So, now reading the news can be done anytime and anywhere you want. How? Curious?

Who doesn’t know Detikcom? Detikcom is a news site that provides news on Android. This application also provides various insights through the latest news today. Even with this new look, it makes news sites more comfortable to use.
Even this application also provides a night mode feature that is useful so that your eyes don’t get tired easily when you want to search for various content. This application also provides a lot of news ranging from national politics, football, economy and business. In addition, there are also various excellent features available on the news site. Examples include Breaking News, Regional News, Most Popular Tags, News Categories, News Notifications, Videos and Night Mode.

Kompas is the oldest news company in Indonesia that has provided the latest news. In fact, this has been believed for more than 50 years. There is also an android application, comes with a new look. Even every information on Kompas is complete so that fans can get information quickly every day. There are many categories of topics such as News, Football, Sport, Techno, Science, Money, Hype, Automotive, Lifestye, casino online news and various other things.

Tribunnews is a news portal that is identical to domestic regional news content. So, make no mistake if this Tribunnews has more than 20 network news sites. Even just by using the Tribunnews application, you can get various news from the Tribunnews group. If you want, you can subscribe to any type of news you want. Because there are many Tribune groups ranging from the Style Tribune, the Travel Tribune, the WOW Tribune, the Video Tribune to the Sale and Purchase Tribune.

CNN Indonesia
Who is not familiar with CNN? CNN Indonesia is an application that provides a variety of light news and is available in various features. You can even watch CNN TV live in the application. On CNN Indonesia, there are many articles in the form of insight to good focus to add insight to readers. There are various features in the CNN Indonesia application such as CNN TV Live, Focus, Night Mode, Live Reports and Push Notification.

Liputan6 was formerly a news program that aired on Indonesian television. But now Liputan6 is starting to penetrate the digital world through websites and even applications. There are many categories ranging from popular news, national news to sports news. There are excellent features such as Top Stories, Visual Stories, Videos, Games and Push Notifications.

BBC News
BBC News is an application to read news from abroad that provides various networks around the world. For those of you who like foreign news, you can just download the BBC News application.
That’s the recommendation of the best news sites today to read the news. Hopefully this article can provide convenience for the readers. Hopefully this article can help you in finding news reading applications.